A Play Center for Adults & Children

Hardly a kilometre away from the center of the city, a playing centre is coming up for both adults and children, called LetUsPlay.

Located in a sylvan setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is soon going to be a haven for both children and adults. Combined with the LetUsRead library and the LetUsYoga initiative, LetUsPlay will offer three indoor games for adults and plenty more for children during weekends and summer holidays.

Designed to stand out from the rest, LetUsPlay will be a unique initiative in the city of Trivandrum.

With Indian players becoming world famous, the popularity of this sport is sky-rocketing in India and parents are scrambling to find a place to train their children in this booming sport. Trivandrum has a great shortage of indoor shuttle courts to meet the rising demand and we are doing our part by offering an indoor shuttle court for those who love this sport. This facility will be available round the clock with online booking facilities. Professional training can be arranged for those who need it.


We will have a professional size billiards table too for those who love to spend their time together playing this very interesting game. This is a great game for adults to pass time. Online booking will be available. Professional training can be arranged for those who need it.


Want to Ping-Pong? We will have a table tennis room for both adults and children. In addition to a fun way to lose weight, this game has got lots of other benefits such as sharpening your hand-eye co-ordination and stimulating various parts of the brain. Online booking will be available. Professional training can be arranged for those who need it.


Are you looking for a fun and active place for your children during weekends and summer holidays? Look no further. Come to LetUsPlay and let your children have wide varieties of activities including playing various board games, computer games, billiards, table tennis, table soccer, air hockey, and much more. We are also planning to conduct selective workshops for children that are very unique in nature. Screening of various Indian and international children’s movies on various topics will also be available on a regular basis. Details regarding this will be available later.


An event hall is also planned which can accommodate around 150 people. Whether it is an engagement function, graduation or birthday party, coming-of-age celebration, or a get-together of your old pals this hall will be an ideal and economical choice for all. Catering services can also be arranged.


We are planning to tie-up with various playing facilities in Trivandrum and around to offer them online booking services for their members.


Located in a sylvan setting and is hardly a kilometre away from the heart of the city but
without its usual hustle and bustle.
Let the exact location of the place be a surprise!

LetUsPlay is an Initiative of LetUsRead


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